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Kitakami Tenshochi Handmade Craft Bread and Sweets Festival

  2022/9/4 Kitakami Exhibition resort   353 Views

This is the first event to be held at Sakura Park, Kitakami Tenshochi.

September 4th (Sun) 59 craft shops in the spacious parking lot on the north side of the rest house. A total of 78 stores, including 14 bread and sweets stores and 5 food trucks, will be gathered. You can meet various handmade crafts. Also, don't miss the large gathering of bread and sweets shops that you can't usually meet. It's a one-day event. Please come out.

Holding period 2022/9/4
Open time Opening 10:00

Start 16:00
Venue Kitakami Tenshochi third parking lot
Address Kitakami City Tachibana 14 land allocation
Parking Yes
Access About 10 minutes from Kitakami Ezuriko IC
Price free
Contact 090-6222-2278 Hasegawa


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