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7/30 (Sat) Night, ZOO Ⅿ held "Buddhist version" How to become a strong self who is not affected by hardships ""

  2022/7/30~2022/7/30 online   292 Views

★ Course theme

Buddhist version "How to be a strong self who is not affected by hardships"

I get angry as soon as something happens
Often my heart is broken and my motivation is lost.
I think there are many people who want to be stronger.
I will talk about how to become a strong self overcoming hardships.

◇ 7/30 (Sat) 20: 00-20: 40
(Professor Masayuki Kojima) ZOOM held * We will answer questions after the lecture ☺️

◆ How to participate ◆

It will be held at ZOOM.

Please apply using the form below.


◆ Impressions of participants ◆

・ I knew the name Shaka-sama, but
Who and what were you taught?
I was ashamed to say that I didn't understand at all.
I would like to use this as a good opportunity to learn from now on.
(Woman in her 50s)

・ I was surprised to hear the spirit of mercy preached in Buddhism.
Thank you for your valuable study opportunity.
(Male in his 60s)

◆ Participation fee ◆
Nothing in particular.

◆ Lecturer Profile ◆

Professor Masayuki Kojima (Buddhist instructor)

Born in Saitama prefecture. It has been 11 years since I became a Buddhist teacher.
We hold more than 300 lectures a year in various parts of Hokkaido and Tohoku.
The motto is "easy to understand even for first-time users".
Delivered a YouTube video "Michinoku Buddhist Instructor" where you can learn Buddhism on the Internet.

Holding period 2022/7/30~2022/7/30
Open time Start 20:00

End 20:40
Venue online
Address none
Price free
Contact Komatsu m.komatsu2@gmail.com


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