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Talk session "Town development that makes the best use of cultural arts-to cultivate the values that are needed now-"

  2022/7/16 Kitakami Sakura Hall   37 Views

In April last year, Kitakami City enforced the first basic cultural and arts ordinance in the prefecture as a municipality. And this year, we have formulated the Cultural Arts Promotion Basic Plan, and measures to utilize cultural arts in community development are about to begin.

Taking this opportunity, we will discuss the effects of cultural arts and their necessity, understand the new philosophy of cultural policy, and think about how to proceed with cultural projects in the future.

Let's enjoy talking about the value of culture and art that we need now.

Part 1 Why is cultural art necessary? (14: 00-15: 10)
Discuss the effects of cultural arts and their necessity with the formulation of the basic plan

Part 2 How to make the best use of cultural arts? (15: 20-16: 30)
Confirm the philosophy and basic plan of the basic ordinance and discuss the future of cultural projects

Participation target Kitakami citizens (people who live in the city, those who commute to work or school, those who are engaged in community development activities in the city)

Capacity 25 people (priority is given to those who booked in advance)


  • Naoko Ogasawara, Chief of Lifelong Learning and Culture Division, Kitakami City Town Development Department
  • Mitsuru Nitta, Chairman of the Kitakami City Cultural Arts Promotion Network Conference
  • Mayumi Chiba, Culture Creation Planning Business Division, Kitakami City
  • Akiko Nasugawa, Chairman of the NPO Art Studio


  • Masatoshi Kunno, Coordinator of Culture and Arts, South Area Promotion Area

Holding period 2022/7/16
Open time 14:00 ~ 16:30
Venue Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center Sakura Hall Music Room 1
Address 2-1-1, Sakuradori, Kitakami-shi
Parking Yes (free)
Price free
Contact NPO corporation art studio

TEL: 0197-64-7567

Email: info@g-kobo.net
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