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Solo girls talk room

  2022/4/24 Morioka City Plaza Odette   156 Views

Would you like to talk with each other in the same position?

It's okay to be alone, but I'm worried if I think I'm alone.

I can't feel the story of my family and friends with children

We tend to be a little alienated from the world because it is difficult for us to sympathize with our anxiety about being alone.
But if you're in the same position, you might be able to talk about yourself. I want to create such a place for us,
We will hold the first talk place. Please feel free to come.

Date and time: Reiwa April 24, 2014 (Sun) 13: 30-15: 00

Location: Morioka Women's Center Life Atelier

1-1-10 Nakanohashidori, Morioka City Plaza Odede 5F

Target: Single women currently working (excluding single mothers)

Participation fee: Free

◆ Meeting to create a solo girls' talk space Takahashi / Ueno

Of course, those who are not worried are also welcome. Would you like to talk to each other in the same position?
Holding period 2022/4/24
Open time 13:30~15:00
Venue Morioka Women's Center Life Atelier

Address 1-1-10 Nakanohashidori, Morioka City Plaza Odede 5F
Parking Underground parking lot 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 100 yen for every 30 minutes of parking time
Access Bus information Get off at "Morioka Bus Center Bus Center No. 13" and walk for 2 minutes
Price Participation is free
Contact To Takahashi Please contact us from the above link


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