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  2022/4/2~2022/4/17 Morioka City   215 Views

"Hamato Furumoto City" will be held on May 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun) as part of the "Hamato Book Market", a complex event aimed at creating a place for interaction through books!

This time, with the theme of "books that children want to read"
Used books, self-produced books (poetry books, photo books, picture books, ZINE, etc.),
We are looking for people who will open reading goods!
It's OK if you get involved in the theme even a little.

Please feel free to join us!

Click here for details such as application guidelines.

Application period: April 2nd (Sat) -April 17th (Sun), 2022
Date and time: May 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun), 2022 10: 30-16: 00
Venue: Morioka Machiya Monogatari Kan Hamato Hall Hosted by: Morioka City, Iwate Art Support Center, a non-profit organization

Holding period 2022/4/2~2022/4/17
Open time <Reception time>

Phone: 9: 00-19: 00

FAX / dedicated mail form: 24 hours
Venue <Event held>

Morioka Machiya Monogatarikan Hamato Hall

Date and time: May 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun), 2022 10: 30-16: 00

Address 10-8 Natayacho, Morioka City
Parking Have
Price Opening fee is 1,200 yen / Admission is free
Contact 019-654-2911

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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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