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Abundance Marche

  2022/3/20~2022/3/23 Takizawa City Big roof takizawa   304 Views

The happiness that already exists ❤︎ Know the richness ❣️

[Abundance Marche Iwate 3 / 20.21.23 ]


Big roof with a spectacular view of Mt. Iwate

At the Fureai Square before the reception

Opened a store in Iwate Event Abundance Marche ❣️

At the same time, 3/20 , 21 and 23 will be in the small conference room

The oldest royal school that brings the highest abundance

Adept Program ® ️ will be held!


This reality, metaphysics that deepens the understanding of three dimensions

No life options or information

In a local city where time has stopped

The trouble is not ignorance.

I don't know what I don't know.

I myself was born on the Sanriku coast

Bringing more hope to local cities across the country

I hope to bring a new wind (^^)


Metaphysics that leads to dimensions that cannot be reached by oneself

From the feelings I've seen on my own

It will lead you to a future that is beyond your expectations.

◆ Inquiries

Lead to areas that cannot be reached on your own

Light Center  Nefer ( on a business trip nationwide )


Individual ( face-to-face / remote ) session

Various metaphysics classes and events

Stores, company dispatch, home parties, etc.

◆ Holding schedule

* Held at any time! Date and time consultation is possible

* Subject to change.



20th 15-17 : 30 _ _

21st 10-17 : 30 _ _

Held at the big roof ( small conference room )


Both days from 10 to 16 o'clock

22nd Morioka City Saien

Held at Big Roof ( small conference room ) on the 23rd

An event to know the happiness that already exists ❤︎

[Abundance Marche Iwate 3 / 20.21.23 ]

Abundance is abundance …

You are already rich

And the happiness that already exists

Let's remember your beauty ❣️

Many humans work for affluence

And I want more

It's an organization or a society

Not just big units

I am also awake at home level.


Unconsciously seek money and power

A weak and strong way of life, if you get it

You can even control love! You can meet everything!

Most believe in the illusion

That belief deified top universities and businesses

And modern children seek stability

I started to aim for a civil servant.

A way of life based on anxiety, worry, and fear

Really fills my heart

Will it bring hope?・ ・ ・

Already on this earth now

There is the abundance we need now.

Childhood environment, school education, etc.

Incorrect information is established during the growth process

Unconsciously believe in the illusion of money and power

Selected in search of material abundance

As the ruler, live a weak and strong diet

As the ruled side, do only what you are told

Unconsciously giving up or robbing and loving

Do you live on the premise that you are not enough?

In any case, if you live on the material axis

You will never be satisfied from the bottom of your heart.

Some of you may have already noticed.

Even if you aim for high income, you are on the top

The power struggle is endless.

We already have the abundance we should have now

That's why you need to know that your heart is exhausted

It is metaphysics to know it.

The secret of abundance that has been passed down since ancient times

It finds joy in life

To give that joy to others


When you find joy in your life and become rich from the bottom of your heart

Compassion, sharing, helping each other

In other words, let go of the attachment that you are afraid to lose

No fear of any disaster or destruction.

Spirituality lost as civilization develops

Mental immature leaders

It ’s a warning that symbolizes the times.

Even parents and children are exhausted

Communication becomes one-sided

We tend to ignore each other's feelings.


Increases vibration and is originally prepared for DNA

Receive the abundance you already have!

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Metaphysics that creates more than expected

Awakened friends who are already aware

Bring out the inner beauty

It will bring you the awareness you need!

For children who are hopes for the future

Please come to the free school

We also have a free consultation.

Please come to the venue (^^) Admission is free.

◆ Date and time

3/20 , 21 , 23 ( Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday )

10 to 17:30 _

◆ Venue

Held at the Fureai Square in front of the reception

Shimoukai, Takizawa City * Free parking

Experience menu

Inner abundance, opening up unknown possibilities

DNA Activation ® ️

Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

[Price 60 minutes 15,000 yen * With wave water]


* This is a modality based on metaphysics.

◆ Organizer

Self-discovery journey conductor

Light a cave where you can't see the exit

MIYUKI , the guide to the path of heart and light

School refusal, free school free consultation


I started a business from a housewife's self-nail

Nail school owner 💅 Aya

We also support financial independence!


Opened only on 3/21

Olarist Naomi-san


Astrology, Oracle & Tarot Reading

Digital creator

Opened only on 3/21 and 23

Mama Healer

Reborn Salon ♡ SECRET GARDEN


3/23 store opening

Atelier Kimmy


Jagua tattoo one point 1000 yen

😷 Request for cooperation in virus infection prevention measures 😷

We measure the temperature ( at the time of admission ) , disinfect hands, ventilate, social distance, and wear masks.

If you are not feeling well, please contact us.

Holding period 2022/3/20~2022/3/23
Open time Opening 9:50~

Starting at 10:00~
Another schedule 3/20、21、23。5/17・18
Venue Big roof

Fureai Square in front of reception
Address Takizawa City Shimoukai
Parking free
Price Experience price 3500 yen ~
Contact Lead to areas that cannot be reached on your own

Light Center Nefer (on a business trip nationwide)

Individual (face-to-face / remote) session

Various metaphysics classes and events

Stores, company dispatch, home parties, etc.
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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