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Kenji Miyazawa Ihatovkan Exhibition "Painting Exhibition depicting Kenji's World"

  2022/1/22~2022/3/31 Hanamaki   186 Views

Paintings drawn by elementary and junior high school students in the city under the theme of "I felt the world of Ihatov Hanamaki and Kenji" (works that participated in the work shop held at the Ihatov Center of the Kenji Miyazawa Society) and the Kenji Miyazawa Ihatov Center Achievement Award We are exhibiting the paintings of the children of Hanamaki City Hanamaki Elementary School (1st) and Hanamaki City Nanjo Elementary School (4th), which received the award. The first event was held last year, and this is the second event.

Holding period 2022/1/22~2022/3/31
Open time From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (admission is until 4:30 pm)
Venue Kenji Miyazawa Ihatov Hall Exhibition Hall
Address Hanamaki City Takamatsu Dai 1 Chiwari 1-1
Parking 21 units (free)
Access Approximately 2km from Shin-Hanamaki Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, 3 minutes by car, 4 minutes to Iwateken Kotsu Ito-Yokado, 5 minutes on foot after getting off at "Kenji Memorial Hall Exit"
Price free
Contact Kenji Miyazawa Ihatov Hall

Phone: 0198-31-2116

Fax: 0198-31-2132
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