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Miyako Citizen's Drama Pre-Performance "Farewell Yoshitsune"

Minamoto no Yoshitsune has many legends in various parts of the prefecture, centered on Iwate and Hiraizumi.
In May 2022, he performed the 3rd Miyako Civic Drama "Farewell Yoshitsune" based on the legend.
Prior to the performance, we will hold a pre-event to talk about Miyako's "Legend of Yoshitsune".

Yoshitsune no Kai, Yokomichi Hirokichi and Oshu citizens ☆ Bunshi drama "Minamoto no Yoshitsune-I'm going Benkei! This is a talk session inviting Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who played the role of Minamoto no Yoshitsune in "This is the road I decided on", a recitation of Miyako Citizen's Drama 3rd performance "Farewell Yoshitsune" by Miyako Citizen's Drama Factory, and Miyako Citizen's Drama. We will unveil the theme song for the first time!

Holding period 2022/2/6
Open time Opening 13:30

Start 14:00
Venue Miyako Citizens' Culture Center
Address 2-22 off Sokeioki, Miyako City
Price There is no material for admission. * Tickets need to be arranged
Contact Miyako Citizens' Culture Center

TEL: 0193-63-2511 (Reception 9: 00-17: 00 / Closed on Mondays)
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