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LightCenter Nefer

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  • sales booth

  • beauty booth

  • kids booth

  • Meditation & Qigong, other experience sessions ~ Living your mission, synchronizing with nature and the universe

  • Polish like ♪ 2023

  • Health Festa ~ Anshin Ritsumei World

  • Health Festa ~Anshin Ritsumei World~

  • Health Festa 🤲 Anshin Ritsumei World

  • health festival

  • Brush up on your love♪ in KUJI

  • Sharpen your love ♪ Sales booth

  • Polish your love ♪ Beauty booth

  • Polish your love ♪ Guide to the sales booth

  • Polish your love♪

  • Polish your love♪

  • 2023/3/21 store opening application guidelines

  • Kirari and Marche

  • mama festival

  • 2023 good luck event

  • Nationwide Broadcast ☆ Great Good Luck Event

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  • Introduction to Magic [Gift of Spirit]

  • Introduction to Metaphysics [Romantic Living]

  • Introduction to Magic [Astral Travel]

  • Introduction to Magical Music [Sacred Geometry 1]

  • True love 💝 "Romantic Living Guide" to nurture trustful relationships Morioka & Miyako

  • Anyone can enroll! Introduction to Magic ⚜️ Astral Travel ⚜️ Morioka & Miyako


  • I don't have an image of how things will get better… Various trials brought about by self-blame and anger, and the true riches taught by obedient children.

  • If I could get rid of the preconceived notions of a stubborn grandfather, my horizons would expand! ? . I was eating cold noodles!

  • Manager's Taste [The Oldest Imperial Adept Program®️]

  • Ensophic Ray Healing that harmonizes masculinity and femininity

  • Feelings of helplessness and resignation that lower your market value, poor minds that are dominated by money and status

  • [Tokyo Okomori Hotel] Words and actions match! A life without contradictions is brought about by honest emotional expression