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Lumbini Art Exhibition "Lumbini, Oragabi" will be held

  2021/7/17~2021/8/1 Hanamaki Hanamaki Cultural Center   436 Views
Held "Lumbini Art Exhibition" Lumbini, Oragabi "" by collecting art works of artists with intellectual disabilities who are users of facilities operated by the city's social welfare corporation Korinkai. increase.

(Click here for the special site https://lumbinic.com/ )

Period Reiwa 3rd July 17th (Sat) -August 1st (Sun)

* Closed days: 7/20, 7/27

Place Hanamaki Cultural Center 1st floor Exhibition Hall

Hours 9 am to 5 pm

Admission fee: General 500 yen (same amount for advance tickets and same-day tickets), free for students and younger

* You may be asked to show your student ID.

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Nahan Plaza, Shotokido, Bridgestone, Isekan (Osako), Sunadaya (Ishitoriya), Sasachou Brewery (Towa), Hanamaki Cultural Center

Holding period 2021/7/17~2021/8/1
Open time From 9am to 5pm
Venue Hanamaki Cultural Center
Address 3-16-22 Wakabacho, Hanamaki City
Parking Yes (please use the large parking lot)
Price General 500 yen (free for students and younger)
Contact Hanamaki Cultural Center

3-16-22 Wakabacho, Hanamaki City 025-0097

TEL: 0198-24-6511 / FAX: 0198-22-4321
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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