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Hanamaki City Museum Theme Exhibition "Railway and Hanamaki-Modern Crossroads-"

  2021/6/26~2021/8/29 Hanamaki Hanamaki City Museum   871 Views

Reiwa 3rd year theme exhibition "Railway and Hanamaki-Modern Crossroads-" is being held.

Introducing the history of Hanamaki's modern railways, which has developed as a hub city for transportation leading to the present age, while taking up the railway development in modern Hanamaki and the people involved in it.

Holding period 2021/6/26~2021/8/29
Open time Opening hours: 8:30 16:30
Venue Hanamaki City Museum Planning Exhibition Room
Address Hanamaki City Takamatsu 26 Chiwari 8-1
Parking There is a museum parking lot. When the car is full, please use the Kenji Miyazawa Children's Story Village Parking Lot.
Access Bus (Get off at Kenji Memorial Hall Exit) / Car (about 10 minutes from Hanamaki Airport IC) / Walk (about 25 minutes from Shin-Hanamaki Station)
Price General 350 yen (300 yen) / High school students / students 250 yen (200 yen) / Elementary / junior high school students 150 yen (100 yen)

* () Is for groups of 20 or more.

* There is a good-value common ticket with the surrounding buildings.

* You can see both the theme exhibition and the permanent exhibition during the exhibition period.
Contact Hanamaki City Museum

26-8-1, Takamatsu, Hanamaki City, 025-0014

Phone 0198-32-1030

Email museum@city.hanamaki.iwate.jp

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