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Multi-de Salon Concert "Narumi Arasaki x Naoaki Kato x Sayaka Nojiri-Trio de Orchestra Feeling-"

  2021/6/12 Ofunato Rias Hall   29 Views

A concert series "Multi de Salon Concert" that lets you feel closer to chamber music.
This time, a trio of pianos, brass instruments, and percussion instruments will deliver a number of famous songs played in orchestras.
Even though it is a trio, it is a concert where you can feel as if you are listening to an orchestra performance.

【Play guide】
Rias Hall San Ria (one company) Ofunato City Tourist Products Association (Ofunato Station) Sanriku Town Tourist Center (Sanriku Station) Ryori Bussan Tourist Center Galaxy (Ayari Station) Yoshihama Regional Promotion Branch Office Super Hatchoya (Sumita Town) 5 stores [Ofunato store Ofunato interchange store Akasaki store Takada store Apple Road store] Kamaishi Civic Hall

Narumi Niizaki: Piano Naoaki Kato: Trombone Sayaka Nojiri: Percussion
[Scheduled song] G. Horst / From "The Planets" Mars
From M. Musorgsky-M. Ravel / Pictures at an Exhibition
P. Tchaikovsky / Flower Waltz from "Walnut Split Doll"
A. Piazzolla / <In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of birth> "Shark" "Libertango"
Others * Songs are subject to change. Please note.

[Other] We provide free childcare service. If you wish, please apply to Rias Hall by Friday, May 28th.

Holding period 2021/6/12
Open time Opening: 13:30

Opening: 14:00
Venue Ofunato Citizens' Cultural Center Rias Hall 1st floor multi-space
Address 18-1 Shimotateshita, Sakari-cho, Ofunato-shi
Parking Yes (free: about 300 units)
Access 5 minutes walk from Tamoyama Station on the BRT Ofunato Line, 15 minutes walk from Sakari Station on the Sanriku Railway or BRT Ofunato Line
Price Free seats: General 3,000 yen, discount 1,500 yen

* Discounts are available for high school students and younger, 65 years old and older, and people with disabilities.
Contact Ofunato Citizens' Cultural Center


e-mail: rias-hall@city.ofunato.iwate.jp
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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