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2021/5/8 (Sat) Iwate "Cinema" Philosophy Cafe "Evangelion"

  2021/5/8~2021/5/8 Morioka City   1,109 Views

* Supports "online participation".

You can participate from home without worrying about corona.

For details, please check from the following URL.

The outline of the event is as follows.

* Please check the URL below for event details.

2021/5/8 (Sat) Iwate "Cinema" Philosophy Cafe "Evangelion" –Tetsugaku Cafe in MORIOKA (hatenablog.com)

■ Date and time 2021/5/08 (Sat ) 14: 30-16: 30

■ Venue "Cubano Bar" Meeats ""

■ Participation fee 500 yen (For details, see * 1 below )

* If you select convenience store payment as the application method,

A handling fee of 106 yen will be charged.

■ Capacity : 7 people (first-come-first-served basis)

■ Theme movie: New movie version of "Evangelion"

cf. Work introduction <Shin Evangelion Movie version> | Forum Morioka / Art Forum (forum-movie.net)

■ Participation conditions: "You must be watching the new movie version of the four-part work'All'".

About viewing method Regarding "Introduction"-"Q",

It can be a DVD or TV.

(It is not necessary to have a complete understanding of the movie or a perfect memory.)

* 1 (Please check)

Please pay the participation fee of 500 yen in advance.

On the day of the event, one order from the shop is a condition for participation.

The difference will be dealt with as follows.

(Example 1) If you order a Cubano for 850 yen,

You will be required to pay 350 yen "additional" on the day.

(Example 2) If you order a soft drink for 250 yen,

250 yen "refund" will be given.

For application, please visit the official event URL ("Tetsugaku Cafe in MORIOKA" blog) ☟

2021/5/8 (Sat) Iwate "Cinema" Philosophy Cafe "Evangelion" –Tetsugaku Cafe in MORIOKA (hatenablog.com)

Holding period 2021/5/8~2021/5/8
Open time Available time for the event: From 14:15

Event start time: 14:30
Venue Cuban Bar 『Meeats』

Address 1-9-11 Chuodori, Morioka City CUBE Movie Theater Street Building B1
Price 500 yen (However, please see "* 1 (please check)" in the event description)
Contact nbsi178cas21@gmail.com
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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