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Opera "Tono Monogatari"

  2021/6/20~2021/6/20 Tono City Tono Public Service Center   59 Views

It has been 111 years since the "Tono Monogatari" written by Kunio Yanagita was fascinated by the tradition of Tono told by Kizen Sasaki from Tono. Konnyakuza, who has continued to create new Japanese operas, met "Tono Monogatari" and the 2019 opera "Tono Monogatari" was born. This time, the ties have overlapped many times, and it was a pleasure to perform in Tono, the birthplace of the story. The 2021 spring tour will welcome Chiakigaku in Tono after the performance of the theater appreciation event <Tohoku block 14 stages, Chubu Hokuriku block 24 stages>.

● What is Opera Theater Konnyakuza?

Established in 1971 as an opera theater company that continues physical training through konjac gymnastics and creates and performs operas that clearly understand the language (Japanese). He has performed many works with live singing voices that do not use a microphone and live performances of various musical instruments, mainly piano. With the ability of the singer to sing and perform, the repertoire is a variety of works that can be enjoyed by children and adults, and about 200 performances are performed annually.

Holding period 2021/6/20~2021/6/20
Open time Opening 13:30

Start at 14:00
Venue Tono Public Service Center / Large Hall
Address 1-10 Shinmachi, Tono City, Iwate Prefecture
Access 10 minutes walk from "Tono Station" on the JR Kamaishi Line
Price Adults 3,000 yen High school students and younger 2,000 yen

* Ticket sales 4/23 ~ <All seats are unreserved, 500 yen increase on the day>
Contact Inquiries: Tono City Education and Culture Promotion Foundation TEL: 0198-62-6191

Organizer / Production / Inquiries: Opera Theater Konnyakuza 7-14-1 Shukugawara, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa TEL: 044-930-1720
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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