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[Child-rearing is a journey to meet yourself] Revi Ver BAR

  2021/5/2 online   840 Views
You can be a little healed or be kind to yourself …
A BAR that will make you feel better from tomorrow
It is a place (BAR) where parents who are raising children gather online to chat about raising children and relax the feelings of parents.

Date and time
May 2nd, 10: 30-11: 30 Zooom

Facilitator Bartender Yuka Saito

No entry fee

Application form

* We will send you a Zoom ID after you apply.

Katari Bar's activities

Holding period 2021/5/2
Open time 10:30~11:30
Venue Held online
Address Morioka City
Contact Organizer: Child-rearing support project

Katari Bar

Person in charge: Akazawa

Tokutoshi (Postpartum Care List Level 2)


019 658 8001


n21.akazawa@gmail .com
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