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Making adult cute postcards

  2021/4/17~2021/4/17 Hanamaki Morioka City Shiwa Town Yahaba Town   611 Views

Let's write a nice postcard with a motif that changes with the seasons.

It doesn't matter if you're good at writing or if you don't have a good heart

Anyone can write a nice card with a little trick.

This is an opportunity to express gratitude that you cannot usually say to people you cannot meet easily or to important people who support you closely.

Now that you have a lot of stress, let's start doing something exciting.

You will be able to enjoy it at home in your spare time.

Saturday, April 17

Date and time from 10:00 to 12:00

Shiwa Town Cafe "Yui no Ki"

It will be held at.

At a special price 2,500 yen → 2,000 yen

Comes with a drink.

* The event will be held with a small number of people to ensure corona measures.

Holding period 2021/4/17~2021/4/17
Open time Opening at Shiwa Town Cafe "Yui no Ki"

Start 10 o'clock ~
Venue "Yui no Ki", a coffee shop for Tsuruha Drug in Shiwa Town
Address 227-1 Nakashinden, Hizume, Shiwa Town
Parking It is spacious.
Access 7 minutes walk from Shiwa Chuo Station
Price 2,000 yen (with drink)
Contact ・ Telephone 09029975316 (Short mail is possible)

・ Koyashiki in charge

・ Yuderakkaseiumai@gmail.com


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