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Kanegasaki University of the Arts "Time of Old Story"

  2021/3/6 Kanegasaki Town Morioka City   15 Views

It was snowing all the time during the "old-fashioned time" in January (^-^;

K-Grandma, who comes by car from Sendai, is closed on the highway.

In February, it was cold and I didn't know the snow conditions, so I was adjourned.

In March, we will hold "Old Story Time" in the hope that you can feel the signs of spring as much as possible.

I also decorated the leaflets with rape blossoms early in March in the north.

How much patience is required of Corona for heavy snow and earthquakes?

If you don't release your feelings once in a while, you may be overwhelmed by stress.

I hope you will listen to it even in the old days and warm your feelings (^_^)

Grandma Kay and Grandma Me are waiting for you.

Holding period 2021/3/6
Open time Opening: Not provided. The venue is open from 10 o'clock.

Start: 11: 00-12: 00

1: 00-2: 00
Venue Former Sugawara Family (former Kano Family) Samurai House
Address 9-2 Nishine Omotekoji, Kanegasaki Town
Parking There is none. If you come by car, please stop at Shiraito Machinami Exchange Center No. 2 Parking Lot or Kanegasaki Town Hall.
Access 15 minutes walk from JR Kanegasaki Station, 3 minutes walk from Shiraito Machinami Exchange Center No. 2 Parking Lot, 10 minutes walk from Kanegasaki Town Hall
Price free
Contact 090-2950-2156 / Chiba


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