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"Sanriku DANCE Borrowed Scenery" preview + talk & showing

  2021/2/21 Morioka City

"Sanriku Dance Borrowing Scenery" is a video work of Iwate's folk performing arts and contemporary dance, with scenic spots along the Sanriku coast such as Jodogahama Beach in Miyako City and Natsumushiyama in Ofunato City. A one-time preview will be held to commemorate the completion of the video! On the day of the event, there will be an opening dance session and after-talk by Yukio Suzuki and Shoko Higashino!

Date: 2021.2.21 (Sun) 14:00 Screening starts (13:40 opening)
Location: Morioka Machiya Monogatari Kan Hamato Hall Capacity: 40 people (reservation required) Free admission <br /> Application method: Click here to apply

Folk Performing Arts: Hanawa Kago Dance (Hanawa Kago Dance Preservation Society) / Ushibushi Nembutsu Kenmai (Ushibushi Folk Performing Arts Preservation Society) High School Folk Performing Arts Club)
Contemporary Dance: Yukio Suzuki / Sachiko Higashino (ANTIBODIES Collective)

Organized by: Cultural Agency, Japan Performers Association, Arts Live Iwate Executive Committee, NPO Iwate Art Support Center Co-sponsored by: Miyako City, Miyako City Board of Education Cooperation: (one company) Miyako Tourism Cultural Exchange Association , Sanriku International Arts Promotion Committee Secretariat, Minna no Shirushi Joint Company, (1 company) Sanriku Kokuri, (1 company) Dance Nippon Associates, (1 company) ANTIBODIES Collective, Iwate Prefectural Iwaizumi High School, NPO Michinoku Trail Club , NPO corporation earthquake disaster regain

Holding period 2021/2/21
Open time Opening 13:40

Start at 14:00
Venue Morioka Machiya Monogatari Museum Hamato Hall
Address 10-8 Natayacho, Morioka City
Price Free (advance reservation required)
Contact NPO Iwate Art Support Center

TEL.019-656-8145 (Monday-Friday 9: 00-18: 00)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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