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Let's talk about parenting, household finances and taxes! Role model cafe in Iwate

Speaking of child-rearing worries? Isn't one "money"?

But it's hard to talk about money …

For dads and moms in the prefecture who are worried every day, we ask experts who are also involved in child-rearing questions and questions about household finances and taxes that we do not have a chance to ask, such as tips on child-rearing, money management, tax talk, etc. An event that you can listen to directly will be held online, co-sponsored by Fathering Japan, Ministry of Finance, and Iwate Umi.

Since it is online, you can participate from anywhere in the prefecture from your smartphone or PC.

Date and time: Wednesday, November 18th 10: 00-12: 00 (zoom connection starts 9:40)
Holding method: Online (zoom)
Elephant: Those who live or work in Iwate prefecture and are raising children (participation with partners and students are also welcome!)
Participation fee: Free Contents:
• Child-rearing and tax talk Mr. Tatsuro Ito, Ministry of Finance • Money course useful for child-rearing Mr. Sodai Yui, Morioka Finance Office, Tohoku Finance Bureau • Mr. Kaori Hayashida, Director of Facilitator NPO Fathering Japan • Q & A (question OK by direct question or chat! )

How to participate: From the URL below


We will send you zoom access information after you apply.

[Introduction of speakers] Ministry of Finance staff: Tatsuro Ito Daddy of a 0-year-old boy. After working at a local tax office, transferred to the Ministry of Finance Headquarters.
At work, he has been in charge of parliamentary support and official document management. Currently in charge of public relations for the Ministry of Finance.
While I couldn't go home because of the corona sickness, I was raising my first child with my wife.
When I cry at night, my dad is powerless (I have to hold my mom), so I am doing my best in housework and childcare in other ways.

Tohoku Finance Bureau Morioka Finance Office: Takehiro Yui Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. Adopted by Tohoku Local Finance Bureau in 2005. After working in Aomori and Fukushima, he is currently in charge of public relations at the Morioka Finance Office.
He has lived in Morioka for a total of 11 years, including when he was a student. Blessed with the bounty of the mountains and the sea, Iwate Prefecture is (quite) fascinated by the scenic beauty of Iwate Prefecture.
Child-rearing and others are currently undergoing image training.

Facilitator: Kaori Hayashida, Director of NPO Fathering Japan A family of three boys (20/17/13) and her husband. While serving as a training instructor for work-life balance support seminars and parents' classes in companies and local governments,
Support child-rearing at multiple NPOs. Raised in Hokkaido & Kumamoto. Lives in Chiba prefecture.

Organizer: NPO Fatherlin Japan Mothering Project / Ministry of Finance Cooperation: NPO Fatherlin Japan Tohoku / Iwateumi no Ie

Holding period 2020/11/18
Open time 10:00~12:00 
Venue Held online
Address Kitakami
Price free
Contact Fathering Japan Tohoku Goto

Mail: diug1959@gmail.com
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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