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Revival! Futsal in New Kamaishi!

  2020/11/7 Kamaishi City   514 Views
I would like to revive it as "new" for the first time in about 9 months.

Futsal in Kamaishi!
(I'll think about what's new)

As mentioned above, it's been 9 months since it was released. The venue is Matsukura (outdoor) after a long absence

While increasing the number of new members and taking measures against corona (such as limiting participants to the prefecture), we will do it.

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——– There is no place to move your body in Kamaishi! Everyone who thinks.
Would you like to play futsal together and sweat? ??
It's okay to visit!
We are looking for people of all ages who are thinking "I'm getting sick recently …"!
Currently, more than 90 people are participating! !!
Let's play futsal regardless of new or repeaters!
[Details] Date: Saturday, November 7th
Time: 1900-2100
Participation fee: 500 yen Location: Kamaishi Sports Ground
Holding period 2020/11/7
Open time 19:00~21:00
Venue Kamaishi City Stadium
Address 159, Dai 10 Chiwari, Kasshi-cho, Kamaishi-shi
Parking Yes
Access About 15 minutes by car from Kamaishi Station
Price 500 yen (facility usage fee)
Contact ganjou25@gmail.com (Iwaki)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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