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Shiun Sato and Lukyu Toshima Exhibition-Songs and Swords-

  2020/11/1~2020/11/30 Morioka City   118 Views

November 1st (Sun) to 30th (Mon), 2020

9:00 to 19:00 (last admission 18:30)

* The museum is closed on Tuesday, November 24th, until 16:00 on the last day.

This is an exhibition of calligraphy works by two Iwate calligraphers.

Holding period 2020/11/1~2020/11/30
Open time 9: 00-19: 00 (Last entry 18:00)

* Until 16:00 on the last day

Cafe business: 10: 30-16: 00

Regular holiday: Closed day (4th Tuesday)

* You can tour the facility even outside business hours while the facility is open.
Venue Morioka Machiya Monogatari Cafe DOMA
Address 10-8 Natayacho, Morioka City
Parking Have
Contact Morioka Machiya Monogatari Museum

TEL 019-654-2911

MAIL machiya@iwate-arts.jp
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