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Goddess Blessing ☆ Princess Festival-Awakening the Inner Goddess-

  2020/11/4~2020/11/4 Morioka City Aina   1,258 Views

◆ Morioka ◆ Information on meditation

Private or very small number of people

Held in a large space


Raise your own vibration

Further into an era of independence

Superb self-maintenance

MAX Meditation System ™ ️

A new era coexisting with corona

Are you excited about the new era?・ ・ ・

Or anxiety or worry

Is it full of horror?・ ・ ・

The victors of life

I practice it as a matter of course

The strongest self-care

Unshakable mind ( thinking )

Deep relaxation

Meditation methods that lead life to victory

I was wasting unconsciously until now

Reduce wasted energy

Bring out your inner wisdom!

Each person has

Only One Earth Plan ( Blueprint )

To manifest it on the ground

To live as a one-of-a-kind being

By integrating the mind and body

A feeling of bliss that makes you lose words

Transcend the assumptions of the brain

Full of miracles and magic

Will bring you the best life!

It is held nationwide.

Please experience it (^^)

◆ Inquiries

Light Center Nefer

◆ Participation fee 1000 yen (60 minutes )

paypay pay Allowed

◆ Same-day schedule

* Subject to change.

After the meditation

Awaken the inner goddess

Goddess Blessing Princess Festival

Men too! LGBTQ are also welcome! !!


◆ Event experience menu ◆ ・ ◆ ・ ◆ ・

Awaken the inner goddess

★ DNA activation

Experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

( Price 60 minutes 15,000 yen )


High Dimensional Light Master Virgin Mary

Channeling message

Experience price 10 minutes 1500 yen ~

I won't lose to any virus!

Increase immunity and self-healing power

Ensophic Reiki

Experience price 10 minutes 1000 yen

(60 minutes 10,000 yen price)

Recommended for those who want to say something!

Backed by Egyptian sun god Ra

TRUE Tarot Reading

Experience price 20 minutes 3000 yen ~

(60 minutes 10,000 yen price)

I want to know myself! The rough stone of myself

Recommended for those who want to shine more


Experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

(60 minutes 10,000 yen price)

◆ About MAX Meditation System ™ ️

For over 40 years

Teaching metaphysics around the world

Familiar with martial arts and NLP psychology

Modern mystery school

Mr. Founder Guddoni Gudonason is

Excellent method compiled

Communicate metaphysics in an easy-to-understand manner

Modern mystery school

In Ipsismus's book

Life without meditation

↓ ↓ ↓ It is expressed like this.

Brain not meditating …

Your brain, a thought

Full of "fragile meat"

Isn't it?・ ・ ・

Full of extra thoughts

Isn't it a "dirty room"?・ ・ ・

That's right! !! !!

By fixing meditation in life

Reduced waste of energy

The brain is always awake

If you are in awareness

The true self

It will be easier to live!

I was worried in vain …

I was thinking too much in vain …

I can't do anything

Only time has passed …

Don't end with that life

I have

Unleash the best potential

A meditation method that is widespread in 60 countries

Please experience it

Communicate metaphysics in an easy-to-understand manner

Modern mystery school

Books by Ipsismas are on sale!

"The secret of success that the ruler has monopolized (2000 yen ) "

" MAX Meditation System ™ ️ (2500 yen ) "

◆ Mailing method

Posted to the post

Letter pack

[Measures to prevent infection with new coronavirus]

Usage guide video


Modern Mystery School Headquarters

Hatagaya Seminar Room

Also at this light center

Thank you for your cooperation!

* According to the number of people

To take social distance

The venue may change!

Holding period 2020/11/4~2020/11/4
Open time Doors open 15:20

Start 15: 30-16: 30

* Extension is possible if you contact us in advance.
Venue Aina
Address 1-7-1 Nishidori, Morioka Station, Morioka City
Access 5 minutes walk from the west exit of Morioka Station
Price 1000 yen~
Contact Light Center Nefer

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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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