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Former Yomiuri Giants Masaki Saito Talk Show

  2020/11/14~2020/11/14 Ichinoseki   878 Views

Masaki Saito talks about the baseball situation that he wants to know now!
Mr. Saito will explain the game situation in the corona sword and this year's recommended player!

★ Part 1 Talk Show 16: 00 ~
Lottery & Question Corner ★ Part 2 Dinner 17: 30 ~
Opportunity to interact with Mr. Saito at hotel kaiseki cuisine!

[Ticket fee] Part 1 3,000 yen / Part 2 10,000 yen / Part 1 & Part 2 11,000 yen Elementary school students and younger Half price from the above
▼ Masaki Saito Talk Show Special Page

* About measures against new coronavirus infection *

Holding period 2020/11/14~2020/11/14
Open time Part 1 16:00~

Part 2 17:30~
Venue Bellino Hotel Ichinoseki
Address 179 Santanda, Yamanome, Ichinoseki
Parking Free about 100 units
Contact Bellino Hotel Ichinoseki TEL: 0191-23-4111
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