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The 1st Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run

  2020/11/1 Kitakami   472 Views

competition summary

■ Organizer Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run Executive Committee
General Incorporated Association MJ Sports Net
■ Support Iwate Prefecture Iwate Prefectural Board of Education Iwate Prefectural Sports Association Kitakami City Kitakami City Board of Education Kitakami City Board of Education Kitakami Tourism Convention Association (planned)
■ Cooperation Morioka Medical Welfare Sports College (planned)
■ Date: November 1, 2020 (Sun) * Rainy weather
■ Venue / Course "Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run Circulation Course" in Kitakami Sports Park
■ Competition ○ Time limit: 8 hours (2.0km per lap)
<Men / Women / Mixed Family (A joint team with family / neighborhood family can also participate) / Solo (Individual participation / Limited to 10 people)>
■ Application period September 11, 2020 (Friday) -October 15, 2020 (Thursday)

Event / Capacity / Participation fee

Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run_Participation Fee

■ □ ■ Newly established !! ■ □ ■
Individual participation OK! "Solo section" limited to 10 people / Participation fee: 8,000 yen

Tournament schedule (planned)

■ November 1st (Sun)
7:00 Opening
7: 00-8: 30 Temperature measurement / player reception
8:45 Opening Ceremony
9:00 start
17:00 Goal * The above times are subject to change. Please note.

Competition content

"Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run Circulation Course" in Kitakami Sports Park

Kitakami Shirayuri Relay Run_Course Map

■ Competition rules
① Compete for how far a team of 4 to 10 people can run a 2.0km course within 8 hours.
② Relay the pre-established course (1 lap: 2.0km). In addition, you can run in any order.
③ Tasuki relay can only be done in the designated zone.
④ Only those who have a number card and a sash can run on the course.
* Please contact the secretariat if you need a companion number card to participate if you have a disability.


■ Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection
① Bring a mask (other than runners, wear a mask or something that can cover your mouth)
② If any of the following applies, do not participate. ・ If you are not feeling well (eg, if you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat)
・ If there is a person who is suspected of being infected by a family member living together or a close acquaintance ・ Within the past 14 days, the government will restrict entry to the country, travel to a country or region that requires an observation period after entry, or with the resident. If there is close contact ③ Wash your hands diligently, disinfect your hands with alcohol, etc. ④ Secure a distance from other participants (2m as a guide (minimum 1m))
⑤ Do not talk or cheer loudly during the tournament ⑥ Strictly observe the measures decided by the organizer to prevent infection and follow the instructions of the organizer ⑦ Onset of new coronavirus infection within 2 weeks after the end of the tournament If so, promptly report to the organizer about the presence or absence of close contacts.

■ Pledge to prevent new coronavirus infection
Please apply after agreeing to the following pledges. When we accept the application for participation, we will consider that you have agreed to the following contents.
① If the participant's body temperature is 37.5 ℃ or higher on the day of the competition, he / she will decline to participate.
(2) If fever or infection is suspected within 2 weeks of the tournament, including family members living together and close acquaintances, we will decline participation.
③ If you visit an area or country where the infection has spread within 2 weeks of the tournament, including your family and close acquaintances, you will be declined to participate.
④ Thoroughly participate in infection prevention measures (wearing masks, prohibiting loud cheering, avoiding crowds, etc.).
⑤ If an infected person appears in the participants / staff, we will cooperate with hearings from health centers and medical institutions.
⑥ I agree to provide personal information to health centers and medical institutions when an infected person appears in the participants / staff.

■ Convention cancellation rules regarding new coronavirus infection
(1) When an emergency declaration is issued to Iwate Prefecture (2) When the national or local government requests refraining from going out (3) When the national or local government requests refraining from events (4) Organized by the spread of the new coronavirus infection When a person determines that safe tournament management cannot be carried out

■ Personal information
・ In this tournament, participants' photos, names, affiliations, ages, etc. may be displayed on printed matter such as tournament programs, websites, newspapers, television, etc.
・ If the participation application form is incomplete, the convention secretariat or entry center may confirm the details of the application by phone or email.
・ The tournament secretariat will send a participation notice to the participants who have completed the application.
・ The tournament secretariat will send information about the next year's tournament to tournament participants.
・ Personal information of participants will not be used for anything other than information on the tournament sponsored by the executive committee and the secretariat.
・ All rights to publish videos, photos, articles, records, etc. related to the tournament belong to the tournament executive committee and the secretariat.


■ Application period: September 11, 2020 (Friday) -October 15, 2020 (Thursday)

■ Notes on application
(1) False declarations of name, age, gender, address, and contact information, and entry by anyone other than the applicant (illegal entry) are not permitted. In that case, the race will be cancelled.
(2) It is necessary to fill in the names, ages, genders, addresses, and contact information of all team members.
③ Please note that the entry fee cannot be refunded after application. In addition, even if the organizer decides to cancel the tournament due to weather changes such as earthquakes, storms and floods, new coronavirus infection, or other circumstances, the entry fee will not be refunded.
④ Please note that we cannot refund the full amount of overpayment or duplicate payment of the entry fee.
⑤ Regarding the personal information of participants, we will comply with the "Personal Information Protection Ordinance" and other related laws and regulations, and will use it within the scope necessary for the operation of the tournament. In addition, we will use it to provide information such as the schedule for the next fiscal year.
⑥ The right to publish videos, photos, records, etc. during the tournament on TV, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. belongs to the organizer.
⑦ Program creation, record measurement processing, etc. With the operation of the tournament, personal information temporarily provided to third parties other than the organizer will also be properly processed under the control of the organizer in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

■ How to apply
Please download the application form from the following, fill in the required items, and apply by email or fax.
Please pay the participation fee separately to the following account. When paying, please use the "representative name".
The application will be officially completed by paying the entry fee.

[When transferring from Japan Post Bank] Account number 02240-5-122062
Name Sha) MJ Sports Net General Incorporated Association MJ Sports Net

[When making a transfer from a bank other than Japan Post Bank] Financial Institution Japan Post Bank Branch Name 229 Branch Deposit Item Checking Account Number 0122062
Name Sha) MJ Sports Net General Incorporated Association MJ Sports Net

■ Changes after application
Please send it to the secretariat by email or fax by October 15, 2020.

Holding period 2020/11/1
Open time 7:00 Opening

7: 00-8: 30 Temperature measurement / player reception

8:45 Opening Ceremony

9:00 start

17:00 Goal
Venue Kitakami Suture Sports Park

Address 27-36 Takamae Tanaka, Aigo Town, Kitakami City
Parking Have
Price General 1 person 5,000 yen

High school students and younger 3,000 yen per person

(Including participation prize, insurance premium, food and drink fee)
Contact General Incorporated Association MJ Sports Net


Morioka City Distribution Center North 1-12-5 Ad Village 2F

TEL: 019-656-6815 FAX: 019-614-3850

MAIL: info@mjsportnet.com
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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