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  3. More than 10,000 fireworks including 100 scale balls color the night sky of Sanriku! Let's get excited at the largest "Sanriku Fireworks Festival" in Japan at the 2020 Fireworks Festival!

More than 10,000 fireworks including 100 scale balls color the night sky of Sanriku! Let's get excited at the largest "Sanriku Fireworks Festival" in Japan at the 2020 Fireworks Festival!

  2020/10/31~2020/10/31 Rikuzentakata City   1,075 Views

Thoughts of fireworks masters and organizers to hold the largest fireworks display in Japan in 2020 🎆

With the full cooperation of Japan's leading historic fireworks company " Marugo Co., Ltd. ", we created entertainment with the latest technology for fireworks, which has been a summer tradition for a long time, together with "Tomoeya Smoke Industry" in Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture. I will.
In addition, aiming for a competition where young fireworks who will play a central role in the Japanese fireworks industry will compete with each other in the near future, the younger generation will take the lead in boldly challenging new things and viewing them locally. We aim to be a fireworks display that everyone in the world can create as one, whether they are watching it or watching it live.

With the support of 10 million yen by crowdfunding, 10 music star mine in 1 hour ♪

With the slogan "Let's launch a dream together" from the desire to "buy and support fireworks balls from all over the country waiting for their turn due to the successive cancellations of fireworks festivals", we carried out crowdfunding from more than 1000 people. We received support of 10 million yen. We also implemented a support project not only for fireworks artists nationwide, but also for children nationwide who have difficulty going out on Halloween night. Please see the crowdfunding page for details! Cheer up! We also posted the passion of young fireworks masters, so please take a look!

Multi-angle LIVE distribution as a new experience that matches the era of with corona and the era of 5G!

Centering on the main MC "Hikomaro", the assistant MC "China Ogawa" from Iwate at 2020 Miss Japan, and the reporter "Momoka Ishida", a gravure idol, are progressing with a real-time feeling unique to LIVE distribution. In addition to delivering fireworks, concerts, and local performances, we will fully convey the charm of the "Sanriku Fireworks Festival" and Sanriku, such as the patterns of each venue, the voices of visitors, and the booths of the sponsoring companies.
Whether it's remote or at the venue, it's an initiative tailored to a "new lifestyle" where viewers can enjoy LIVE distribution from any angle they like, such as fireworks seen from a drone shot in the sky, fireworks seen from the best position, and fireworks seen from a fireworks master.

Gorgeous performers who color the fireworks display ★

" Crystal kay, " " SIRUP, " and " AOAZA " will appear as artists who will make the fireworks display even more attractive! In addition, many Sanriku folk performing arts groups will appear on the substage! For details, go to the Sanriku Fireworks Festival HP Performance Page !

★ Information is also available on various SNS ★
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sanrikuhanabi/
Twitter https://twitter.com/sanrikuhanabi
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sanrikuhanabi/?hl=ja

* In order to secure social distance as a measure against the spread of coronavirus infection, we do not have a free viewing area and a free parking lot this time. Please be sure to purchase a viewing ticket and a parking ticket if you are traveling by car.

Holding period 2020/10/31~2020/10/31
Open time Fireworks launch 19: 00-20: 00

The venue itself opens at 12 o'clock, and various contents are prepared until the fireworks are launched! (All paid viewing tickets are required)

Sanriku Food Village 12: 00 ~ (Many Sanriku specialties and restaurants are open!)

Local entertainment stage 14: 00- (Performance of dance and drums full of local power!)

Music LIVE stage 17: 30 ~ (Arena seat ticket with concert is required)
Another schedule In case of bad weather, it will be held on November 1st (Sun) the next day.
Venue Takada Matsubara Sports Park
Address 116 Magarimatsu, Magarimatsu, Takashi, Rikuzen-shi
Parking Only paid parking lots that require advance reservations are available.
Access Please see this page → https://sanrikuhanabi.com/access.html
Price There are still tickets for general sale!

* There are no free seats, so be sure to purchase a paid seat in advance.

Contact Sanriku Fireworks Festival Executive Committee


HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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