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Hanamaki Summer Marche

  2024/7/14 Hanamaki   33 Views

Hanamaki Summer Marche is being held!

This is the second time the event has been held at the old Hanamaki Airport Terminal Building. Since the last time, which was well received, we have increased the number of stores to the maximum, with 41 stores in attendance. This year, we have once again gathered wonderful crafts and exquisite sweets and bread stores. We look forward to seeing you there.

Holding period 2024/7/14
Open time Opening

Start time: 10:00
Venue Hanamaki Community Hall
Address Hanamaki City, Kudzu 3rd District, 183-1
Parking Free parking available
Access 5 minutes by car from Hanamaki IC
Price free entrance
Contact Regional Revitalization Creative Planning At・So Hasegawa


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