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Morioka Machiya Lunar Calendar Hinamatsuri 2024 Hinamatsuri Concert

  2024/4/13~2024/4/14 Morioka City   110 Views

《13th (Saturday)》Iwate Folk Song Festival Folk Song Show

Noriko Mikami Hojo Mayumi Yamamotoki Folk Song Morioka Association
《14th (Sunday)》Fine Friends Concert ~Flute/Cello/Piano Trio~

Yuna Muranoi (flute)
Shoko Miura (cello)
Kimi Mikami (piano)

[Date and time] Saturday, April 13, 2024, 14:00 start (Doors open at 13:30/Scheduled to end at 16:00)
14th (Sunday) 14:00 start (doors open at 13:30/scheduled to end at 16:00)
[Venue] Morioka Machiya Monogatari Hamadou Hall [Capacity] 80 people each [Admission fee] 1,500 yen each (advance and on the day)

[Ticket handling] Plaza Odette (on sale from 3/15 (Friday)), Morioka Machiya Monogatari Museum

[Reservations/Inquiries] Morioka Machiya Story Museum
Tel.019-654-2911 Mail. machiya@iwate-arts.jp

[Sponsor] Morioka City, NPO Iwate Art Support Center

Holding period 2024/4/13~2024/4/14
Open time Opening 13:30

Show starts at 14:00
Venue Morioka Machiya Monogatari Museum Hamafuji Hall
Address 10-8 Hatayacho, Morioka City
Parking have
Price 1,500 yen each (advance and on the day)
Contact 019-654-2911

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