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Tanemaki Lab, a meeting to talk about the future of Kitakami

  2024/2/9~2024/2/15 Kitakami online   114 Views

We will go around the city and have casual talks. Let's talk about the town, the future, yourself and your family. Please feel free to come by yourself or invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. No reservations are required for any venue. You are free to enter and exit midway. Let's "sow the seeds" of politics together!

(There is no nursery staff on site, but children are welcome♪ Senda will hold your baby and give you a piggyback ride!)

①2/9 (Fri) (daytime)
Location: Kurosawajiri Kita Area Exchange Center Japanese Room

②2/9 (Friday) (evening session)
Location: Oniyagi Area Exchange Center Japanese Room

③2/11 (Sunday) (Lunch session)
Location: Sakura Hall 2nd floor conference room 1

④2/13 (Tue) (daytime)
Location: Kurosawajiri Nishi Area Exchange Center Japanese Room

⑤2/13 (Tue) (evening session)
Location: Multifunctional office ito cafe

⑥2/14 (Wed) (daytime)
Location: Yuko Senda Supporters Association Office

⑦2/14 (Wednesday) (evening session)
Location: Aigori District Exchange Center Conference Room

I want to make Kitakami City even better! Support for mothers and children, including prenatal and postnatal care, which I have been providing for 20 years. Collaboration of medical care, welfare, and prenatal and postnatal care to protect all lives. Creating a “fun!” town where everyone can live a healthy and active life. I will also do my best with all my heart, so let's think about it together and walk together. Anyone can participate in community development, regardless of whether they are young, housewives, elderly, sick or disabled. Politics is for young people and people in weak positions. Tanemaki Lab will visit the location of your choice and talk to you.

And we will deliver those important voices one by one to the city government.

*This page is free publication information.

Holding period 2024/2/9~2024/2/15
Open time see above
Venue see above
Address see above
Parking can be
Price free
Contact Yuko Senda Supporters Association

TEL: 090-2274-4775

MAIL: yukochida.kitakami@gmail.com
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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