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You are my story vol.3 Arts Live Iwate㏌Oshu

"No matter how much you know something, if you don't tell it, you don't know it."

As the seventh generation of Bunshudo. As a representative of Oshu Onsu no Kai. As a father. As a husband.

High school students will act out and retell Ryutaro Takahashi's never-ending stories.

“Theatre of Oral Tradition'' is a stage for “storytelling'' and “music'' born from research. Actors and musicians have become new storytellers,

We will tell “your story'' of living in Iwate to you in the audience.

Direction: Yohei Mori

Music: Motoko Ijichi, Koyaka Nojiri

Narrator: Misaki Tanaka, Mayu Sasaki, Rin Nishioka, Sayo Sugawara, Tomoyo Kato, Maho Kitada, Mahika Hachiya

Holding period 2024/1/28
Open time Opens at 12:30 and starts at 13:00

Venue Oshu City Cultural Center Z Hall Middle Hall
Address 41 Ishibashi, Mizusawa Sakurakawa, Oshu City
Parking 520 units
Access Private car: 10 minutes from Mizusawa IC on the Tohoku Expressway, Taxi: 15 minutes from Mizusawa-Esashi Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, 10 minutes from Mizusawa Station on the Tohoku Main Line, Route bus: Mizusawa Community Bus "Haneda/Kuroishi Line"
Price [All seats are free]

General 2,000 yen

Youth 1,000 yen (university student or younger/student ID required)
Contact Oshu City Cultural Center Z Hall (closed on Tuesdays)

TEL: 0197-22-6622 Email: zhall@oshu-bunka.or.jp
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