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Heart-pounding Kid Bix December lesson information

  2023/12/11~2023/12/24 Kitakami Sakura Hall   147 Views

[December lesson information] The number of registered friends has exceeded 50 (moon laugh)
Thank you everyone as always.
And thank you for your continued support! !

Well, in December we will be holding lessons on Sundays. Please invite your friends to join us (moon heart eyes)

①December 10th (Sun)
9:00~ Parent and child class

②December 10th (Sun)
10:00~ Children's class

③December 17th (Sun)
9:00~ Parent and child class

④December 17th (Sun)
10:00~ Children's class

Location: Sakura Hall Music Room 1
Fee: 1000 yen

🎅Christmas special project🎅
Christmas Kid Bix held
🎄Santa Wataru is coming with presents🎄
Sunday, December 24th
9:00-10:30 Parent and child class

Sunday, December 24th
10:30-12:00 Children class

Contents: Christmas Kid Bix Gift from Santa Photo shooting fee: 1,500 yen (If participating with siblings, add 1,000 yen for each additional person)
Location: Sakura Hall Large Atelier

*We have a gift ready, so make your reservation early! !

Holding period 2023/12/11~2023/12/24
Open time 1 lesson approximately 45 minutes

Venue Sakura Hall
Address Kitakami City
Parking can be
Price 1000 yen (1500 yen only for Christmas)
Contact Kid Bix makes your heart flutter Wataru Kikuchi


Email: futsal.lastuf17@gmail.com


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