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Shichigosan Reservation & Consultation in Ginga Mall Hanamaki

  2023/9/23~2023/8/24 Hanamaki   225 Views

2 days on 9/23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun)

We will hold a Shichigosan reservation and consultation session at Ginga Mall Hanamaki!

As autumn approaches, Shichi-go-san becomes a concern.

Reservations are very popular every year!

New arrivals one after another You can choose from many costumes!

All the costumes, preparations, and studio shooting are complete

Shichigosan full set price starts from ¥25,300 (tax included)!

~ Plie's Seven-Five-Three Festival Master Point ~

★ Comic comic prices for everything from preparations, photos, and costumes

★You can rent costumes until the next day! ★No photography fee!

★Limited days of the week, half-price revamps👗

Free to go out!

Click here for details

Since we give priority to reservations,

Please make a reservation before visiting so that you do not have to wait .

Holding period 2023/9/23~2023/8/24
Open time 10:00-17:00 *Until 15:00 on the last day
Venue Ginga Mall Hanamaki special venue (next to ABC Mart)
Address Takagi, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture 160% 68-6
Parking Free for 800 cars available
Access About 8 minutes by car from Hanamaki Station on the Tohoku Main Line
Contact 0800-800-0508
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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