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  3. [Invitation ticket gift] Gauche the cello player ~ A musical story told with video and music

[Invitation ticket gift] Gauche the cello player ~ A musical story told with video and music

An original song by composer Chie Nanki along with a video of Utan, a master of pastel painting, and a fun new world of Kenji Miyazawa in the hands of a first-class performer.

Yukina Wada Soprano/Narrator Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school. She has won awards in numerous competitions, has performed in recitals, vocal ensembles, and other diverse activities.

Nami Takaoka Cello Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, won prizes in many competitions, including the Japan Music Competition. Studied at the Karlsruhe College of Music in Germany. He has given recitals around the world and has received high acclaim for his overwhelming technique and outstanding musicality.

Please enjoy Kenji's world with original songs such as concerts with many requests (!), Polano Square Song, Eternal Morning, Ame nimo makezu, etc.

Holding period 2023/6/17
Open time Opening 12:30

Start 13:00
Venue Hanamaki City Cultural Center Middle Hall
Address 3-16-22 Wakaba-cho, Hanamaki-shi
Price Adult 3000 yen

Elementary, junior high and high school students 1000 yen

First 20 people [Invitation ticket gift] to hanamaki2023@gmail.com,

Please let us know your name and number.

Contact hanamaki2023@gmail.com

Kenji Miyazawa Concert Executive Committee


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