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Hanamaki Ishidoriya Handmade Craft, Bread and Sweets Festival

  2023/4/23 Hanamaki   197 Views

On April 23rd (Sun), the 'Handmade Craft Bread and Sweets Festival' will be held in Ishidoriya-cho, Hanamaki City. A total of 60 shops of bread and sweets that you can not meet easily with unique crafts will gather. Don't miss this opportunity to visit us. There are lots of things to enjoy, such as sweets gifts for visitors (100 people), live music, balloon gifts, and more!

Holding period 2023/4/23
Open time Opening 10:00

Start 10:00
Venue Next to Iwate Bank Ishidoriya Branch (opposite Sake Brewery Exchange Center)
Address 8 Chiwari 43 Kochi, Ishidoriya-cho, Hanamaki-shi
Parking Free parking available
Access 600m north from JR Ishidoriya Station
Price free entrance
Contact Regional revitalization creation plan At・So ℡ 090-6222-2278


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