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Violinist Nami Koizumi Music and Food Evening

  2023/5/12 Shiwa Town   351 Views
In July 2014, Nami Koizumi became a member of "Chisako Takashima 12 Violinists".
In August 2021, he performed at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
In addition, he frequently visits Shiwa Town to give concerts and promote music.
This time it will be a concert with a small number of people in a small store, but the violin performance up close is very valuable and will be a concert that will resonate with your heart. We will also have an original CD sales event on the day of the event. Autographed by the purchaser.

This event will include food and drink, and after the performance, we plan to interact with Mr. Koizumi through a dinner party.

We hope that you will enjoy your meal at Vivid with classical music and have a meaningful time.

The event is limited to the first 18 people.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Holding period 2023/5/12
Open time Opening 18:00

Start 18:30~20:30
Venue Cafe style bar vivid
Address 214-1 Marumori, Hizume, Shiwa-cho
Parking There is a free customer parking lot (for 5 cars) next to the store. (We do not allow parking at night due to security concerns.) *If the parking lot is full or if you wish to park at night, please use the nearby Shiwa Chuo Station East Parking Lot. https://www.town.shiwa.iwate.jp/kurashi/doro/1697.html By presenting the parking ticket, the parking fee of 100 yen (for 24 hours) will be discounted from the usage fee.
Access On the way from National Route 4 to Shiwa Chuo Station (or Ogar), at the corner of the intersection in front of the Universe Shiwa store, you will be a tenant in the Kaneko Shimbun Shiwa head office building opposite the Family Mart Shiwa Chuo store.
Price 6,000 yen (food and drink, tax included)
Contact Cafe style bar bibit 019-676-3260 To Takahashi
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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