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Making additive-free sausages

  2023/4/2 Kamaishi City   199 Views

It will be held with a lot of money!! ️
This is a non-additive wiener course.

It is OK even with children!
It's OK to go with your friends!!

I know additives are not good, but I want to eat wieners! Good news for you!

Let's make your own nutritious wiener with no additives.

Additives and nutrition mini lecture ➕ Vienna sausage tasting ➕ With about 1m takeaway ♡

Limited to 6 people, first come first served.
Please join us 💛

Holding period 2023/4/2
Open time Opening 13:40

Start 14:00
Another schedule 2023/5/7
Venue Day Service Center Zen
Address 3-29-10 Hirata, Kamaishi City
Parking can be
Access 1 minute walk from Hirata Station on the Sanriku Railway Minami Rias Line
Price 2,000 yen
Contact Yukari Hirano

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