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English and handwork experience session for parents and children

English and handwork classes based on Waldorf education.

Classes will be held around Morioka. We are looking for new students. Parents and children can have fun playing in English, and also incorporate handicrafts and watercolors.

This time, we will familiarize ourselves with a bingo game using teaching materials called BB cards and handicrafts using natural materials.

Soften your mind and body that have been tense in the new semester.

Please feel free to join us.

Holding period 2023/4/15
Open time ➀9:30-10:30

Elementary school students and above


Kindergarten to elementary school lower grades

Venue Big Roof Takizawa

Japanese style room 2
Address 1-15 Shimoukai, Takizawa City
Parking Yes
Access 10 minutes from Morioka IC by car
Price 2500 yen for parent and child

(Brother participation +1000 yen)
Contact english classroom littlecreek

Waldorf handwork class roca de mano

Yamada Kiriko






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英語と手仕事教室 roca_de_mano

英語と手仕事教室 roca_de_mano

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