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Tono Civic Center Ballet Studio 45th Presentation

  2022/11/27 Tono City Tono Public Service Center

Tono Civic Center Ballet Studio 45th presentation will be held.
This time, it is composed of two parts, and students of a wide range of ages, from middle schoolers to working adults, will show off the results of their practice over the past year.
In addition, Kunihiro Yokouchi, a professional ballet dancer who is active both in Japan and overseas, will co-star.
Please come to the venue to see the splendid and cute dances of the ballet studio students!

Holding period 2022/11/27
Open time Doors open 1:30pm

Start time 2:00 p.m.
Venue Tono Civic Center Large Hall
Address 1-10 Shinmachi, Tono City
Parking Yes
Access 5 minutes walk from JR Tono Station
Price General 1,000 yen (1,200 yen on the day)

High school students and younger 600 yen (800 yen on the day)

*Admission free for preschoolers
Contact Tono City Educational and Cultural Promotion Foundation

〒028-0524 1-10 Shinmachi, Tono City

TEL 0198-62-6191/FAX 0198-62-6195

E-mail mail@tono-ecf.or.jp

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