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Ara Ebisu Record Concert ~ Nostalgic masterpieces heard in elementary and junior high school music ~

This concert is a music event for adults, where you can experience a wide range of ways to enjoy music while listening to explanations of the songs, and discover the joy of listening to music.

While listening to the sound of SP records on the gramophone owned by the Nomura Kodo Ara Ebisu Memorial Museum and the rich sound of large speakers, you can enjoy the nostalgic masterpieces you listened to in music class.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the nostalgic sound of a gramophone, which cannot be heard anywhere else.

◆ Program (tentative)

♪Wandering People/composed by Schumann

♪ Military march / Schubert composition

♪ Symphony No. 5 "Destiny" / Composed by Beethoven and others planned

◆ Lecturer: Atsushi Wami

◆Capacity: First 50 people, free admission

◆ Application: Call or fax to Nomura Kodo/Araebisu Memorial Hall

Holding period 2022/10/2
Open time Doors open 13:00

Start 13:30

End 15:00
Venue Nomura Kodo/Araebisu Memorial Hall Araebisu Hall
Address 193-1 Kuratsubo, Hikobe, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun
Parking Free 60 cars available
Access About 6 minutes by taxi from JR Hizume Station / About 10 minutes by taxi from JR Shiwa Chuo Station / About 15 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Shiwa IC
Price Admission free (registration required)
Contact Nomura Kodo/Araebisu Memorial Hall Phone: 019-676-6896
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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