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The 2nd Kurikoma Yakiishi Relief Ride

This is a cycling event that tours the history, nature, and gourmet of Ichinoseki, Hiraizumi, and Oshu in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture.
It's not a race competition, it's a fun ride.
Those who have never participated in a cycling event are also very welcome.
There are two courses, the 82km long “Hot Line Course” and the 44km long “Minamimata Course,” which is more casual.
There are 5 aids (3 for the Minamimata course), including the start and finish points, that provide water and supplementary food, and each aid facility offers a unique menu.

The Hot Line is a sightseeing road that goes from the historic Honederamura Manor from the Middle Ages to the Oshu Hiraizumi Sukawa foothills and the nature of Lake Oshu. Enjoy the refreshing breeze and local gourmet food with your friends!

For details, please see the explanation on the HP (entry page).

Holding period 2022/9/18
Open time Doors open 6:00

Close 16:00
Venue Honedera Village Manor Exchange Center Wakamikotei
Address 241-2 Wakamiko, Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki-shi
Parking Free Yes
Access 14 km from Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki IC
Price 6,000 yen (hotline course)

5,000 yen (Minamimata course)
Contact The 2nd Kurikoma Yakiishi Relief Ride Executive Committee

HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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