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Asahido Nanko Mini Concert in Morioka

  2022/8/26~2022/8/27 Morioka City   448 Views

As part of the artist-in-residence project (IWATE AIR/AIR) in Natsuya-cho, a town where the atmosphere of Morioka remains, we will hold a mini-performance by a resident artist. This time, Kamigata storytellers Nanko Kyokudou and Kazumi Kyodo will present storytelling, ghost stories, and legends and mysterious stories that they have gathered from around the world. Please enjoy the powerful storytelling.

<Ghost Story>
Date and time: Friday, August 26, 2022 Start 19:00 (doors open 17:00)
Venue: Soba restaurant Azumaya main store (1-9-2 Odori, Morioka / temporary store)
Capacity: 100 people Admission fee: 500 yen (with 1 soba)
*1 Last order for soba is until 18:30.
* If it is difficult to eat on the day, you can use a discount coupon of the same amount at a later date. ="noopener" target="_blank">here</a> (another site)

Date and time: Saturday, August 27, 2022 Start 15:00 (Open 14:30)
Venue: Sankitei (9-35 Kateyamacho, Morioka City)
Capacity: 50 people Admission: Free ☆Things welcome!
Application: Kodankai dedicated mail form is <a href="https://form1ssl.fc2.com/form/?id=adfd3f9fdcaab264" rel="noopener" target="_blank">here</a> (separate site)

Morioka Machiya Story Museum TEL.019-654-2911

☆When making a reservation by phone, please tell us the following items: ①Name ②Telephone number ③Time desired ④Number of people

Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Council of Performers' Organizations, Arts Live Iwate Executive Committee, Iwate Art Support Center

Morioka Machinami Juku, Specified Non-Profit Organization, Azumaya Co., Ltd.

Holding period 2022/8/26~2022/8/27
Open time <Strange Talk> Opening 17:00/Starting 19:00

<Talk Talk> Opening 14:30 / Opening 15:00
Venue 〈Ghost Story〉Sobadokoro Azumaya main store (temporary store)

<Storytelling> Sankitei

Address Sobadokoro Azumaya Main Store (1-9-2 Odori, Morioka City: Temporary store) / Sankitei (9-35 Kateyacho, Morioka City)
Parking none
Price <Ghost Story> 500 yen (with 1 soba)

<Storytelling> Free (Things welcome)
Contact Morioka Machiya Story Museum

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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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