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Theater Theater Department "There are no beautiful spots in this town" Morioka performance

  2022/8/14 Morioka City   585 Views

"Beauty does not appear quickly. It must be lured by cunning."
A journey to find a beautiful place somewhere with you and me.

Provincial city. I want to get out of this city as soon as possible during the first year of high school. "There's nothing beautiful in this town, nothing beautiful, just the smell of the sea. Adults want to admire the sea, the sunset, and the flowers, but I don't get it at all, and I'm told it's beautiful." I don't think anything.I'm proud of not thinking about it." Yamadori, who is also a first year high school student, will soon leave this town. "For example, the classroom door is only five centimeters open. Curry bread is rotting on the boy's desk. The setting sun is quietly pouring in. You and I. Such things change this place. The season is not yet over." I just don't know." It's a short summer.

Arts Live Iwate 2022 "Theater Drama Club"
There is no drama club in Miyako City. Even if he wanted to, he might not be able to participate in high school drama competitions forever.

Holding period 2022/8/14
Open time Opening 13:30

Start 14:00
Venue wind studio
Address Eiu Building 3F, 4-20 Sakanacho, Morioka City
Price General 1,000 yen

U18 500 yen

(Additional 500 yen each on the day)

・ Play guide (Morioka performance)

Kaze no Studio / Morioka Machiya Story Museum / Cyg art gallery / Plaza Odette / Kawatoku

・Web reservation available
Contact Miyako Civic Cultural Center TEL: 0193-63-2511
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