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Futsal with no problem!

  2022/8/28 Kamaishi City Otsuchi Town   370 Views

There is no place to move your body in Kamaishi! Everyone who thinks.
Would you like to play futsal together and sweat? ??

It's okay to visit!

We are looking for people of all ages who think "I'm getting sick recently …"!
Currently, more than 100 people are participating! !!
Let's play futsal regardless of new or repeaters!

・ Voluntary regulations for those who live and work in Iwate Prefecture, and those who are thought to have taken actions that may cause infection near the date of the event. These are the conditions for participation and holding.

I hope that the second point I wrote is the trust of everyone who participates.
We ask for your cooperation as it is a means to continue without breaking your daily life.
————- [Details] Date: Sunday, August 28
Time Part 1: 19: 10-20: 00
Part 2: 20: 10-21: 00
Participation fee Adults: 500-1000 yen Location: Kamaishi Sports Ground Address: 10-159-4 Kasshicho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Holding period 2022/8/28
Open time Start 19:00

End 21:00
Venue Kamaishi Sports Ground
Address 10-159-4 Kasshicho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking can be
Access Car recommended
Price 500-1000 yen
Contact https://lin.ee/JiBCgQ4 (LINE account)


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