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Hokkaido Uta Tabiza

Hokkaido Uta Tabiza, which was launched in 2009.

Showa popular songs, folk songs, and original songs with the theme of family, hometown, and hope.

The number of performances is 1300 times, turning the repeated days into songs.

We will hand over the emotion of music from Sapporo to all over Japan and the town where you live.
Holding period 2022/8/31
Open time Opening 13:30

Start 14:00
Venue Oshu City Cultural Center (Z Hall) Medium Hall

Address 41 Mizusawaku Sakurakawa Ishibashi, Oshu City
Parking 520 units
Access Private car / 10 minutes from Mizusawa IC on the Tohoku Expressway, taxi / 15 minutes from Mizusawa Esashi Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, 10 minutes from Mizusawa Station on the Tohoku Main Line, route bus / Mizusawa community bus "Haneda / Kuroishi Line"
Price All seats are free Advance sale 2,000 yen Increase by 500 yen on the day
Contact tel:0197-22-6622

Email: zhall@oshu-bunka.or.jp
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