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Futsal with no problem!

The "Iwate Prefecture Emergency Declaration" has been lifted, so it will be relaxed a little again.

・ Limited to employees living in Iwate prefecture ・ Other voluntary regulations for those who are thought to have taken actions that may cause infection near the date of the event

These are the conditions for participation and holding.

(Regarding the second point) We will hold the trust of everyone who participates first. We ask for your cooperation as we will continue to do so without breaking our daily lives.

(2) The Kamaishi Gymnasium was damaged by the recent earthquake and will be closed until mid-June.
Until this time, it will be held at Kamaishi Sports Ground (Matsukura Ground). Thank you for your cooperation.

————- [Details] Date: Saturday, June 11th
Time: 19: 10-21: 00
Participation fee Adults: 1000 yen (500 yen for 10 or more people)
Location: Kamaishi Sports Ground Address: 10-159-4 Kasshicho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Holding period 2022/6/11
Open time Doors open 19:00

Start 21:00
Venue Kamaishi Sports Ground
Address 10-159-4 Kasshicho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking can be
Access Car recommended
Price 500-1000 yen
Contact https://lin.ee/JiBCgQ4 (line account)

gan.run.gan25@gmail.com (Responsible: Iwaki)


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