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Masaki Takahashi Tohoku Solo Live Tour -High Agare-

  2022/6/11~2022/6/11 Shiwa Town

Maki Takahashi, a singer-songwriter from Hokkaido , will tour Tohoku for the first time in three years .
The Tohoku tour that had been postponed due to the Korona-ka.
This time too, the tour started from " VIVID " in Shiwa Town, Iwate Prefecture. Held at 7 venues in 6 prefectures in Tohoku.
Every time I play with all my heart, I am fascinated by the audience.
This year we have already performed LIVE in Kyushu.
I'm sure that the feelings that the tour title put in the "High Agare" title will be conveyed.
We are accepting reservations for seats now!
Let's experience the moving stage together.

Holding period 2022/6/11~2022/6/11
Open time Doors open 18:30

Start 19:00

Venue Cafe Style Bar VIVID
Address 214-1 Hizume Marumori, Shiwa Town
Parking There is a free customer parking lot (for 5 cars) beside the store. (Night parking is not permitted for crime prevention.) * If you wish to park at full capacity or at night, please use the nearby Municipal Shiwa Chuo Station East Parking Lot. By presenting your parking ticket, we will discount the parking fee of 100 yen (24-hour parking fee) from the usage amount.
Access If you are driving, turn toward Shiwa Chuo Station at the intersection of Route 4 "Shiwa Chuo Station Entrance". Approximately 500m ahead on the right, Kaneko Shiwa Sales Shiwa Headquarters building tenant. By train, it is 600m (500m on foot) from Shiwa Chuo Station and a 7-minute walk.
Price 2,500 yen (+ order required)
Contact Cafe Style Bar VIVID

Phone 019-676-3260
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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