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Mercato Terrace Vol.15

  2021/11/29~2021/12/1 Morioka City Cross terrace Morioka   890 Views

Mercato Terrace Vol.15

Venue: Cross Terrace Morioka 1F Sylvain Plaza Date: 11/29 (Monday) to 12/1 (Wednesday)

All the staff are looking forward to your visit (^^) /

Holding period 2021/11/29~2021/12/1
Open time From 10 am to 8 pm
Venue Cross Terrace Morioka 1F Sylvain Plaza
Address 3-4-1 Odori, Morioka City Cross Terrace Morioka 1F
Parking Please use the parking lot of Cross Terrace Morioka. We will give you a free ticket.
Contact Offense Jeanne Co., Ltd.

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