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Experience-based puzzle-solving game tour performance "CONNECT!" Morioka performance

  2021/12/11~2021/12/12 Morioka City Morioka Theater   253 Views

XX until the world collapses.
The "deadline" announced by the central government is just around the corner.
When everyone gave up and accepted their destiny ──
A message has arrived to you!
"Save this world ──"
Unravel all the mysteries hidden in the secrets of the collapse of the world and save the world with your own hands ──
Only you can save the world.

Please make a reservation from the official website.

Holding period 2021/12/11~2021/12/12
Open time 【morning】

Doors open 10:45

Start 11:00


Doors open 13:15

Start 13:30
Another schedule 11/14
Venue Morioka Theater / Henan Public Hall Mini Hall
Address 3-1 Matsuo-cho, Morioka-shi
Parking none
Access Iwate Prefectural Transportation "Minamiodori 1-chome" bus stop 2 minutes on foot
Price 500 yen
Contact Contact PLELL

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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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