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Futsal with no problem! 2021 part28

  2021/11/28 Kamaishi City   49 Views

There is no place to move your body in Kamaishi! Everyone who thinks.
Would you like to play futsal together and sweat? ??
It's okay to visit!
We are looking for people of all ages who think "I'm getting sick recently …"!
Currently, more than 100 people are participating! !!
Let's play futsal regardless of new or repeaters!
————- [Details] Date: Sunday, November 28th
Time Part 1: 19: 10-20: 00
Part 2: 20: 10-21: 00
Participation fee Adults: 200 yen High school students and younger: 100 yen Location: Kamaishi Gymnasium Address: Dai 15 Chiwari, Unosumai-cho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture 64-1

Holding period 2021/11/28
Open time Opening 19:00

Start at 21:00
Venue Kamaishi Gymnasium
Address Dai 15 Chiwari 64-1 Unosumaicho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking can be
Access 2 minutes walk from Unosumai Station
Price 200 yen
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