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[ Information on MAX Meditation System ™ ️]

By increasing the vibration

By reaching that territory, humanity

"Who are you? 』

"What is the purpose of life? 』

It makes it easier to remember your true self.

Most people unconsciously

The current situation of wasting energy

Just the joy you can receive with your current vessel

To end the physical life

Are you really happy?・ ・ ・

The human brain

More than 90% are still asleep!

In other words, some people are happy with their lives

I'm still receiving less than 5%

I understand that it's still less than 5%

Still more than 90% unknown possibility

I'm still asleep!

Lead to areas that cannot be reached by yourself

An event to awaken yourself!

Because it's a new era

Spiritual that is questioned for its true value

True spiritual is fluffy

It's not something you don't understand.

Limited to more than 90% of life

Would you like to end your life as a slave?

Still, more possibilities

Do you want to regain the power to think for yourself?


Face yourself, what's happening now

It is admitted that it is all self-responsibility

Those with strong mental health

With the perfect balance as the creator of life

Use the right brain (emotion or intuition) and left brain (thinking, logical properties)

Have your own life without compromise

A life of 1000% self-satisfaction

Let's create!

I can see you

I'm looking forward to it (^^)

* At the end of the meditation session, we pray for peace with you.

For those who have died, we will hold a ceremony to take you to the next dimension ( 10 minutes free of charge ) .

If you wish, please let us know on the day.

◆ Date and time 1/17 ( Monday ) 11 to 16 o'clock

Guided meditation is at 11 and 12

◆ Venue


Takizawa City Shinoki black field 52 No. 3

◆ Same-day schedule

* Event details are subject to change.

● 13 to 14 o'clock

MAX Meditation System ™ ️ ( Induced Meditation )

Participation fee 1000 yen

at the end after 12-13

Event time to awaken oneself

Experience menu ①~⑤ is will be here!


If you live your true self

Less stress

Your mind and body will be healthier

Open the remaining 90% chance

Powerfully boost your mission

DNA activation

Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

[Price 60 minutes 15,000 yen * With wave water]

Gently support your mission!

Increase immunity and self-healing power

② Ensophic Reiki

Event experience price 10 minutes 1000 yen

[60 minutes 10,000 yen price]

Those who want to know themselves

For those who want to balance their minds!

③ Horoscope reading

Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

[60 minutes 10,000 yen price]

For those who want to organize their heads and move reality

TRUE Tarot Reading

Event experience price 20 minutes 3000 yen ~

[60 minutes 10,000 yen price]

* Use the rider version of the tarot card

High Dimensional Light Master Virgin Mary

⑤ Channeling message

Event experience price 10 minutes 1500 yen

● 13 to 16 o'clock Sacred Geometry 1

Activate the space yourself


* Anyone can take this course

◆ About MAX Meditation System ™ ️

For over 40 years

Teaching metaphysics around the world

Familiar with martial arts and NLP psychology

Modern mystery school

Mr. Founder Guddoni Gudonason is

Excellent method compiled

◆ Request for cooperation in virus infection prevention measures ◆

We measure the temperature ( at the time of admission ) , disinfect hands, ventilate, social distance, and wear masks.

If you are not feeling well, please contact us.

Event date1 2022/1/17
Open time 11 to 12 o'clock
Target Anyone can participate
Capacity 8 people
Venue Furufir
Address http://nefer8create.tokyo/
Parking can be
Access 15 minutes walk from the nearest station
Price 1000 yen
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER (national business trip possible)


Various metaphysical classes, events (stores, company dispatch, home parties), etc.

HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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