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  2. Introduction to Magic☆Sacred Geometry 1

Introduction to Magic☆Sacred Geometry 1

An introduction to magic that raises the vibration of oneself and space

Guide to Sacred Geometry 1


Held schedule

Held at any time! Date and time negotiable

The venue will be decided according to the number of participants.

⚜️Iwate _

3/23 ( Thursday ) 10:00 13:00

Participation fee 7500 yen ( including travel expenses )

venue Nail school Aya


Morioka Vegetable Garden 1

⚜️ Tokyo venue

6/1718 ( Saturday and Sunday )

7/910 ( Saturday and Sunday )

9/16/17 ( Saturday and Sunday )

9/3010/1 ( Saturday and Sunday )

10/2829 ( Saturday and Sunday )

12/14/15 ( Thursday and Friday )

12/16/17 ( Saturday and Sunday )

12/2324 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Guide to Sacred Geometry 1

Various geometries that we see in our daily life.

With the power of geometry

learn why it's powerful

Adjust the vibration of the room by yourself

Let's make the space a power spot!

⚜️Class content⚜️ _

Basic Symbols of Sacred Geometry

Symbol meaning

How to Summon Geometry and Activate Yourself

How to activate your space and raise your vibration

⚜️ List price 5500 yen ( tax included ) paypay accepted

Travel expenses will be charged for local events.

( Transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, venue expenses, etc. are divided by the number of people )

⚜️What to bring⚜️Compass , scissors, ruler

⚜️Contact us

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light center  Nefer ( on a nationwide business trip )

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~


Individual ( face-to-face/remote ) sessions, various classes

( Ensophic Reiki, Meditation Hand Down )

Healer/lightworker training

Meditation and hands-on events held

( Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc. )

Information for those who have completed Sacred Geometry 1

crystal like!

I want to be a healer! Towards

You can do it yourself or someone you care about!

[Sacred geometry to learn the secret method to increase vibration 2 ]


Learn how to raise the vibration of your home by combining the power of crystals and the power of geometry.

Not only can you heal yourself, but you can also heal others.



4 kinds of sacred geometry crystal magic

Crystal Dreaming makes you sleep deeper and remembers your dreams more vividly.

A good sleep tool that can be used by important family members

Field activation and protection methods using crystals

Create a perfect living environment by raising the vibration of the living environment and attracting energy according to the purpose.

crystal healing

Healing according to symptoms.

Ritual to Heal Old Wounds

Ritual to Heal Recent Wounds

Rituals to bring good luck

You can do it for yourself, your family or your clients. Crystal Magical Form

Crystal maintenance and purification methods



Those who have already taken Sacred Geometry 1 ( 5500 yen for 3 hours )

Fee ( Lecture 6 hours ) pay pay possible

29,700 yen (with text and exclusive crystal)

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Event date1 2023/3/23
Event date2 2023/3/29
Event date3 2023/3/30
Event date4 2023/3/31
Event date5 2023/4/2
Open time Negotiable

3/23 10:00~
Address Morioka Vegetable Garden 1
Parking can be
Price 7500 yen

Including travel expenses
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light Center Nefer (on a nationwide business trip)

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~

Individual (face-to-face/remote) sessions, various classes

(Ensophic Reiki, Meditation Hand Down)

Healer/lightworker training

Meditation and hands-on events held

(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)
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